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The debut album of EWIGE TREUE is out now by Dunkel Bunker, together with 2 new T-Shirts for both WOLFNACHT & EWIGE TREUE.


The first batch of Dunkel Bunker releases is now available.DB001   WOLFNACHT “Blutgebunden” CDDB002   WOLFNACHT “Soldatenlieder” CDDB003   WOLFNACHT “Heidentum” CDDB004   WOLFNACHT “Dawn of Heathens” CDDB005   WOLFNACHT “Zeit der Cherusker” CD

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Additionally, both present and past releases of WOLFNACHT and ZOFOS are now available as digital downloads.

While offering digital downloads may seem pointless when everything can be downloaded for free (not with the same quality, though), there are still people who want to pay a small fee as a symbolic act of support. Anyone buying a physical release shall receive its digital version as well.All digital downloads contain all tracks in both lossless WAVs and the highest quality mp3s (48kHz – 320kbps) transcoded straight from the 96kHz 32bit masters.


WOLFNACHT returns with 2 full-length albums that will be released within 2022 through Dunkel Bunker musik.

The first one, entitled “Blutgebunden”, shall feature 7 new tracks that, despite their differences, share one common origin: they were all first conceived as Neoclassical compositions before evolving into their current Black Metal form.
The second one, “Soldatenlieder”, is WOLFNACHT’s first non-Metal album, consisting exclusively of Military Marches, a music genre that has been an underlying influence in every WOLFNACHT release, since the early days.