WOLFNACHT “Soldatenlieder” Digital Download


Digital download (lossless  WAV & mp3) of WOLFNACHT’s first non-Metal album “Soldatenlieder”, released through Dunkel Bunker musik in 2022.



“Soldatenlieder” consists of 10 unique interpretations of famous military marches plus 2 original pieces composed by Athalwolf.
The influence of marching music on WOLFNACHT has been there since the early days and with this release it finally shines through, pure and articulate.
The aim of this special album is to make more people appreciate the power of this music genre that managed to boost the Soldiers’ morale during the hardships of War.


01. SS marschiert in Feindesland
02. Siehst du im Osten das Morgenrot? (Volk ans Gewehr)
03. Es war ein Edelweiß
04. Lore, Lore
05. Westerwald
06. In den Ostwind hebt die Fahnen
07. Die Fahne hoch! (Horst Wessel Lied)
08. Deutschlandlied
09. Ich hatt’ einen Kameraden
10. Unter den wehenden Schatten
11. Die Toten erwachen
12. På Vikingtog


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